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Abhinandan will TRAIN your Sales / Marketing Executives in :

Generating Prospects: Sources, Contact Methods, Follow Up Systems
Handling "Put Offs" and Hesitation
Making "Gettable" Appointments
The Lifeblood of the Sale: The Truth About Closing / ABC's of Closing
Internet Lead Skills to Convert to a Face-to-Face
S.M.A.R.T. Real Estate Selling Techniques.
Effective Time Management
Selling Process: Ice Breaker, Attention Getter, Find Problems/Solve Them, Close
Master Sales Skills: Fear of Loss, Facts with Emotional Words, Visuals, Questioning.
Types of Questions: Minor, Alternate Choice, Tie Down, Elaborating, Rapport Building
Set Goals and Achieve them
Work habits that ensure success in Sales and Productivity

Abhinandan`s Training on Real Estate Selling will TRAIN your Executives in using the KEY ingredients for Selling which produces faster selling when the executives are TRAINED Effectively on using :
Facial expression
Voice Inflection
Body Language
Eye Contact
Fear of Loss
Facts with emotional words
Questioning to get YESes
Covert Persuasion Skills
Embedded Commands

Learn a Skill , Apply it . Learn a Skill , Apply it . That`s how Abhinandan TS " Master the Art of Selling Real Estate" Training program is designed to get Results from the Sales / Marketing Executives of a Real Estate Company .

Why a Builder / Developer or CEO of a Real Estate Company should ORGANIZE
"MASTER the ART of Selling Real Estate"
Training program for their Sales/Marketing team

If you’re in residential real estate devlopment …the two most important things your Sales/Marketing Executives  can do is to learn how to persuade people to come to your Company for buying and how to sell those properties to qualified buyers. My study has shown how 99% of Real Estate Sales / Marketing Executives lack training.

It’s astonishing.......................Just by using certain words and strategies, your Sales Executives  can achieve unbelievable success in real estate. Unfornately many companies don`t TRAIN their Sales / Marketing exexutives but pour money on advertisement which when generated some leads will never be converted to Sales because a buyer sees ........... something else when a untrained executives speaks ...

If you want your Sales Executives  the power to influence and persuade people to almost always say Yes to your Projects then it makes sense to discover and use the selling techniques of Master Selling Professionals.

Imagine, your Sales/Marketing executives  & Tele-callers knowing the words, the lines, the techniques, that subtly convinces the Prospective Buyers to meet them and convince and close the Sale like the top real estate salespeople or Sales professionals !

If your Sales Executives have this insight & techniques of communication techniques & read the buyers mind when the buyer responds to an AD , they can convert the Leads generated by the Newspaper Advertisement or Property Show  and sell your Projects much faster . Unfortunately Real Estate Companies are least focussed on TRAINING their executives but in reality waste more money on generated leads which fail to be converted .

There is no one more qualified to teach your Sales / Marketing Executives those skills, techniques than
Abhinandan TS, who is a NLP trainer, Powerful Speaker and Master Seller through Presentations from last 22 years.

In the Master the Art of Real Estate Selling Training by Abhinandan TS, your Sales/Marketing Executives will learn how to identify the Prospective Buyer  , qualify, close and follow up with Prospective buyers--turning them into long-term clients who will seek to refer even their friends and relatives.

Learning to see properties through the buyer's eyes is critical to your Sales / Marketing Team which will boost your Sales. You need to get your Real Estate Sales / Marketing Executives this Training Program if you don`t want to lose the Leads. This Training program includes proven strategies for subtle proven persuasion techniques to make the prospective buyer to keep agreeing and go for the Sale.

CONTENT of EACH MODULE of the Real Estate TRAINING PROGRAM for the Sales / Marketing Executives .
MODULE 1 of Master the Art of Real Estate Selling Training Program   MODULE 2 of Master the Art of Real Estate Selling Training Program
Profile of a Champion Sales/Marketing Executive Effective Telephone Techniques.
The Power of Questions to align the prospective Buyers Mind The Art of Qualifying a Buyer.
Is Your Sales Executives Vocabulary Costing Your Company  Money? Selecting the Right Words to make the Prospective Buyer Listen

MODULE 3 of Master the Art of Real Estate Selling Training Program   MODULE 4 of Master the Art of Real Estate Selling Training Program
5 Intiutively explaining the  Property or Project or Flats
4 The Anatomy of a Closing a Sale
4 How, When and Where to Obtain the Offer.
3 Power Closing of a Sale Process
2 How a Master Seller overcomes Objections and use it to Convince 1 Selecting the Right Phrases to close so the Buyer won`t change his mind

MODULE 5 of Master the Art of Real Estate Selling Training Program   MODULE 6 of Master the Art of Real Estate Selling Training Program
6 The Actual Closing Sequence
5 Objection Handling Mastery
4 Presenting the Offer to buy which is irresistible to the Buyer 3 Goal Setting to Improve Sales
2 Embedded Commands to make him believe that he has taken best decision. 1 Selling Technique Mastery Sequence will locked in their Minds
Objection HANDLING Mastery: Secret of Close Faster in Real Estate Selling
Are your Sales / Marketing Executives TRAINED to KNOW the EXACT ANSWER or Responses for the Objections or Excuses given by the Prospective Buyer ::
( I myself call most of the Advertisement from Top Builders in Bangalore and throughout India who will have advertised in Newspaper and whom I meet in Property Show . Later when the Sales/Marketing Executives call , I throw some of these Objections or Excuses to see what responses they will give . The answer will be usually in 99% of the cases – Ok Sir . Thank you , and they keep the Phone . My Research on how the Sales/Marketing Executives Screw-up the Sales was when the Prospective Buyer who had PAID a Token money and was interested to buy , when he comes to Project Site and when he asks Questions or puts an Objections to the Sales Executives of the Company where I was conducting Presentations , the Sales executives used to Screw –up the Sale with wrong answers or not having a convincing answer or when follow-up on Phone would destroy the lead . This made me to Study how the NLP Communication Skills can be applied in Real Estate Sales Process to Convince and Close the Sale .) 

What is the Response your Sales / Marketing Executive give when they get these Objections ?

  1.  “I am not Interested”   
    You get these response when your sales executives call the Prospective Buyer who already met you or know about your Project after a thorough explanation was given.
  2.  “ I will think over and I will call you if I Decide , you don`t call me “ .
    Response which your Sales Executive may get when following with a Prospect who visited your Stall in a Property show or responded to your AD  earlier to get information .
  3.  “ I have not decided yet , when I decide I will call you “.  
    How will your Sales Executive Respond . Usually it is “Ok . Sir . Thank you “ and will keep the phone down . But there is way to CONVERT this Person immediately .
  4.  “Your Flats / Villas are expensive. Others are less with more facility”
  5.  “ I don`t have the Budget now , When I have I will let you know”
  6.   “I want to look at some other Projects and will decide later.”
  7.   “I want to wait until ____(any delaying issue)___ to buy “
  8.  My brother’s best friend is in Construction Business. He is told to wait for his Project”.
  9.  We want to wait until the prices drop more... or look at something else costing”.
  10. “ We need to look at more houses/flats  to decide which is the best buy”.

Your Sales / Marketing Executives hate them, and for most of them, if we aren't prepared,  stop them dead in their tracks. At the very least, they make them lose their train of thought and put them in retreat mode. They can't close a deal when they or you are running from objections. That's why we've put together this turnkey Real Estate Selling Objection Handling Training which is a part of Master the Art of Selling Real Estate which is  most Unique program in India.

Contact Abhinandan TS for getting more information and to know the FEE he charges for the Master the Art of Real Estate Training Seminar. The Training Seminar is conducted only those Real estate Company for which Abhinandan TS conducts the Business Presentations to Sell to NRIs / PIOs which is now his focus.